McCormack Golf


'My Score went from 103 just 3 weeks ago to 77,
my best round in a good number of years....'

John Hughes

St. Margrets Golf Club, Dublin

John is an 11 handicap golfer from St. Margret's Golf Club, Dublin, Ireland who had lost his way in the scoring and tee game. Following his specially designed program he began to see results almost immediately. He went from shooting in the high 80's and 90's to the high 70's after just the second session. John will go on to even bigger and better results following his winter improvement program.

Nov 2018

Prior to coming for lessons with Brian I had a big issue with my driving consistency off the tee. I would feel like I had 'it' on some shots and then a couple would fly off the planet. I just couldn't get a score together. I spent a bunch of time, mostly in desperation, trying to find a fix on Youtube based on my own understanding of the issue I was having.  I decided to get lessons with Brian at McCormack Golf.

What the lessons helped me most with was

 1. They pointed out the simple set up issues that I had adopted but were not obvious to me (ball position, grip strength and weight balance). This helped me deliver the club in a better position more consistently.

2. The concept of squaring the club head to the ball at impact.  

3. My mind went from a scrambled mix of 6 or 7 swing thoughts to a simple, clear 2 step process (this allowed me to get results on the course straight away)

 It seems obvious that you have to square the club head at impact but it's very difficult for me as an 11 handicap amateur golfer without slow motion video analysis facilities to know if I am actually doing this or not.  I was aware in advance of the lesson the importance of the hand's role through impact but I absolutely was not aware of how pivotal it is in the golf swing and at impact.  For me, I naturally find it easier to square the club head with my irons but I have for many years been unable to do the same with my driver.  

Following the second lesson I put it into practice the following day and actually used the  'goldielocks' drill on the tee box as part of my pre-shot routine (which may or may not be advised). In any case, it worked.  I did this in order to get the feel of what I needed to do when hitting the 'square shot'.  I managed to hit approx 7/14 fairways with 12/14 being within 5 yards of the fairway.  With the ball now in play for the majority of the round and far fewer trees or lost balls to contend with, my score went from 103 just 3 weeks ago (the worst wrong of my adult life) to 77 (H'cap 11/Par 73) and my best round in a good number of years.

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