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The McCormack Golf Academy has grown to become a leader in children’s golf coaching due to the enthusiastic and simplistic approach, that Professional golf Coach Brian McCormack has towards introducing golf in a school environment. The programme is built around the belief that golf should be fun as well as a healthy game that doesn’t involve a PlayStation, Xbox, Laptop, Phone or tablet.– we call this  FUN-dementals. This is where we show kids how to interact with other kids face to face in a sporting environment where they will learn not only how to play the game of golf but also acquire life skills such as honesty, integrity and respect for other people, discipline while enjoying every minute of the process

As members of the Professional Golfers Association our coaches have as a minimum requirement of a Degree in Professional golf from the University of Birmingham. All our Coaches are fully Garda Vetted.

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One of the key benefits of taking part in the programme is the value it represents for participating schools. There are a range of options available to schools, which keeps the cost of kid’s golf lessons to a minimum. These are: P.E. curriculum based golf programmes. This all-inclusive approach allows each pupil to take part.

In this instance all pupils/ a cross section of classes in the school would undertake the programme as part of the P.E. curriculum.

Duration: Each lesson is time specific for each age group, ranging from 45 minutes up to one hour.

Preschool/after school programme: The golf activity would be run outside school hours for children electing to participate either as a breakfast club or as an after schools golf programme. 

This can be run on site at the school or at a selected venue, ie. Driving range or golf club.

Basic Cost: €35 per child for a 5 week programme

Note:- price based on class of 15 students

Duration: Each weekly lesson lasts 45 minute to one hour.